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My office began using the services of ICS in 2007. It became apparent as we added technology such as digital imaging and digital radiography, we needed a company that could handle all of our IT needs. ICS has a staff that is knowledgeable in all aspects of computer networking as well as a thorough knowledge of our dental software, Dentrix. I highly recommend ICS and their services.
Posted By: Rudy Liddell, DMD
Brandon Dental Care
I like the personal attention we receive from Infinity Computer Solutions. The fact that if we were to go with a company like Brighthouse or Verizon, we have to go through an ongoing process to reach a live person to go through any technical solutions. It is just very time consuming and we dont have that personal attention. As a small business thats growing, we love the fact that if we call ICS we have someone right away.

My favorite feature was that I could get voicemails emailed to me. I can check them on my cell phone or on my computer. I also can see on my email who called. I have their name, I have their number, and I really don't have to go into my voicemail to see who it is.
Posted By: Yolanda
Marion Capital
With TeleVoips you feel like you have one on one service. You dont have to feel like you are talking to some person in a building with over a hundred people. We feel more uptown and hi-tech with our new systems!
Posted By: Marlon Dunn contracting
I refer Televoips and Infinity Computer Solutions to all of my clients as their solutions save money for companies I work with and help increase their efficiency as well as productivity. The features alone on the VOIP systems have permanently changed the way we run our business and has improved the quality of solutions we are able to offer our clients.
Posted By: Justin Littlejohn
Sherwood Consulting
TeleVoips has reduced our monthly phone bill significantly. Transitioning from our old system was a smooth process and with the added features such as remote extensions and voicemails to email, our business runs more efficiently. We would highly recommend this system to any business looking to cut costs and add new features.
Posted By: David Caveda

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