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Virtual Servers

At Infinity Computer Solutions it is our goal to make businesses more productive and more efficient. Leveraging Microsoft’s Hyper-V technology allows us to provide our customers with a cost effective and energy saving solution to server deployment. Hyper-V virtualization allows for multiple guest operating systems to run on one physical server. This means we can consolidate numerous current hardware deployments into a few physical servers. With features like failover clustering and live migration Hyper-V allows business critical workloads to run 24x7x365 without interruption during the migration process. This physical server consolidation can have large ROI within one year simply from the reduction in energy consumption. Any business, large or small, stands to gain a great deal from implementing Hyper-V in their server environment.Server Virtualization

  • Energy Savings
  • Failover Clustering
  • Continuos Snapshot Backups
  • Live Migration 
  • Quick Provisioning
  • Flexible Hardware Settings

Energy costs will continue to rise but with innovation and consolidation businesses can now reduce these costs.

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